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What Does The Future Hold?

What Does The Future Hold?

At BC&P the future holds many things. Expansion to other cities being the main goal. We have plans to open up more offices across the USA and eventually, further afield. There is no stopping BC&P, when we set our minds to something.


International Expansion

BC&P has already begun to make strides towards its mid term goals of international expansion. Our prize winning service coupled with our multi billion dollar client base, provides the fastest vehicle to launch our future ambitions of conquering Central and South America into reality.


Why Miami?

Miami boasts a sophisticated knowledge of tourist activities, and business infrastructure. This makes the city an incredible talent pool of entrepreneurs including a vast number international students at top rated universities.


Our Vision

In order to achieve something great, you need to work with great people and with a great product. At BC&P we are fortunate to work with well known companies in Portugal, Spain, Poland and the USA. These clients have also achieved significant growth with our help over the years


Our Goals

Clients pay us on our results, for one reason and one reason only: we are confident in our ability to provide results. The better service we provide and achieve our client’s goals the quicker we can grow and achieve our own goals.


Our Service

BC&P are growing and as the need for our service grows so do we. A promise that we will always adhere to, no matter how big we are, is to always maintain excellent customer service for all of our clients.

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