BC&P International are incredibly proud

BC&P International are incredibly proud of our client base and the first class representation that we offer each day. We only want to move forward, striving to enhance our existing relationships, but also form new exciting partnerships for the future.

Our approach is very transferable. This means we can adapt our marketing systems to match our clients needs and expectations. There is no niche, preferred product or service, if the goal is to expand and build a lasting business partnership. We’re excited to make this our priority to deliver unbeatable service. As a byproduct of our growth strategy, BC&P is constantly on the lookout for self driven entrepreneurs to add depth and quality to our ever expanding company.

The leadership skills acquired throughout our systematic approach to our business development scheme, means that we are being set up perfectly to deal with the day-to-day challenges they will face in this competitive business environment. The size of our opportunity is gathering pace all the time, and so is our training. We will always deliver training to match the learning speeds of all our associates. 

Although our clients are constantly looking for us to propel ourselves into new areas of the USA and our other locations, we prioritize quality over quantity, and ensure that our partners are set up for success when the opportunity comes to take on the more senior roles in our business.



At BC&P we specialize in events based marketing. Our tailor made advertising with a personal touch generates high quality brand awareness and new customers for our national clients.

We believe that a face to face advert is more powerful than any other form of advertising, meaning our law of average is higher than any other method being used. To achieve maximum results for our clients, we are trained to deliver a high impact advert that can be fine tuned to match our clients needs and also give our clients newest acquisitions exactly what they want.

Our approach however, is very different, because we believe it’s important to deliver a service that’s more refreshing and professional than our competitors. With this being said, we intend on driving our standards to new levels. There is no finish line!

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