BC&P International Advises: Make Time for Yourself
16 Jul 2018

BC&P International Advises: Make Time for Yourself

“Time is something that is very important.

16 Jul 2018

“Time is something that is very important. We cannot control time, but we can make it work for us. Time can help us establish ourselves and to see how much we have grown. Time also helps us become who we are and helps us be true to ourselves,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. Being a part of our industry in business, we barely have time for ourselves. We’re always on the move and making sure that our company and its’ strategies are always improving. We’re always working on new projects and working with new individuals to ensure a creative environment. At BC&P International, we firmly believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mindset. We know that it may be tough to make time for yourself, but it is imperative.

Joanne Wilson, investor and board member of the High Line mentions “‘Me time during the week requires scheduling. I try and take off Tuesday afternoons. It is my time to see a friend, go to a museum, go shopping, or whatever. The real downtime is on the weekends. Saturday morning I do the New York Times crossword puzzle for both Saturday and Sunday. Then on Sunday, I try to do nothing—stay in sweats all day, catch up on magazines and life, and have the whole family over for dinner. Then I get up on Monday and do it all over again. Reality is there is no rest for the weary.”

At BC&P International, we believe that giving yourself time assists in helping to refresh the mind. It helps us think more clearly and more actively. Many times individuals assume that working all the time will help them get further, but in reality, this burns us out from the inside. As human beings, we need some color in our life, and that comes from taking a break for ourselves and our well-being. We work continually because we want to be the best and hard work does lead you places but don’t forget to give yourself the care you need as well! Setting professional and personal goals will help you achieve what you’re trying to in the long run — remember to take breaks in between give yourself that moment of ‘fun’ as well!









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