BC&P International Discusses the Importance of Securing Investment
21 Sep 2018

BC&P International Discusses the Importance of Securing Investment

Mass media and the free flow of

21 Sep 2018

Mass media and the free flow of information mean entrepreneurs and investors alike have an unprecedented amount of information available to assess business environments. Such a situation has not only produced new and efficient alternatives for businesses to achieve the funding necessary for growth and expansion but also for investors to carefully evaluate the realistic expectations of success. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, recently discussed just how important securing investment can be for new entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest challenges when planning for growth is securing the necessary resources to take the plunge. Gustavo Rodriguez outlined this in an email to clients. “There are numerous methods for raising capital in today’s economic climate, but all require a concrete plan and persistence”, he said. Some of the concerns most commonly expressed by clients of BC&P International include the concept of trading equity for investment and compromising between how the expansion is envisioned versus what is realistic based on resources.

Gustavo Rodriguez reminded clients that a variety of new investment opportunities exist for businesses willing to give a little and work hard. “An increasingly popular concept for many entrepreneurs just starting out is crowdfunding, but crowdfunding isn’t limited merely to those building a new product in their garage”, he stated. Websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter allow budding entrepreneurs to easily create goals and raise money toward business projects, with options for gifts and special bonuses provided to those who contribute toward the campaign.

Nevertheless, most traditional business investment proposals require larger sums of money than those that can be generated by simple crowdfunding efforts. BC&P International has helped clients for years in developing smooth and sophisticated branding and marketing strategies to effectively pitch to investors; Gustavo Rodriguez noted that “the style and experience of the investment pitch are arguably more important than the substance, at least when it comes to maintaining the audience’s attention”. Investors obviously want to see cold, hard data and facts backing up any proposed investment, but providing an appeal to keep investors interested is crucial in securing any capital.

Venture capitalists and investors alike have good reason to invest in such a prosperous economic state, and businesses have every responsibility to look for expansion and investment opportunities. BC&P International understands just how important it is to bring both sides of the equation together effectively to secure an arrangement that benefits both parties; done properly, even the newest of entrepreneurs can secure backing with a great idea, a solid plan, and a fantastic presentation.



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