BC&P International Encourages To Always Stay Challenged
27 Jul 2018

BC&P International Encourages To Always Stay Challenged

At BC&P International, we believe that staying

27 Jul 2018

At BC&P International, we believe that staying challenged and out of your comfort zone is always one of the best aspects about being successful. Some of the most successful individuals of our time and from in the past were known for being innovative and creative. These habits were formed because these individuals decided to push through boundaries and challenge themselves to explore beyond what our world offers. “Some of the greatest ideas and inventions were made by those who dared to challenge the norms,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International.

For example, look at Steve Jobs; if he had not worked with his mind and crew members to come up with the tools to develop Apple inventions, we would not be holding one of the most excellent pieces of technology in our hands today. All greats aspire to reach beyond the stars because they dare to do that, they can create their legacy for the future. At BC&P International, we admire those that are consistently challenging themselves to be at the top. Being competitive, challenged and driven helps us stay ahead of our competition and we are proud of that at our firm at BC&P.

Staying challenged also creates confidence in individuals. According to Tut.com, the writer Tracy Martin writes “Overcoming challenges creates opportunities to discover things about ourselves like strengths, preferences, and even passions. When we try new things, we discover hidden aspects of who we are that have yet to be developed. I’ve seen people find an intense love of dance and music much later in life than the norm, and they did it by taking one scary dance lesson with a friend. We unfold as a person who can experience joy, passion, and excitement for life when we choose to open our hearts to a new version of our self.”







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