BC&P International Highlights the Challenges of International Expansion
11 Oct 2018

BC&P International Highlights the Challenges of International Expansion

Any entrepreneur seeking to capitalize on the

11 Oct 2018

Any entrepreneur seeking to capitalize on the next big idea surely understands a plethora of challenges await. From starting a new business with a purely local focus to expanding operations internationally, the process of growing businesses never gets any easier. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, has recently been invited to New Orleans to discuss the challenges of expanding his business operations internationally, and what methods were used to overcome these obstacles.

Gustavo Rodriguez is humbled to be invited to speak at the Rising Star Event in New Orleans and plans to use his personal experience in international expansion to highlight the key challenges entrepreneurs face. “Expanding operations to a new country – especially when you’re personally moving to the country alongside the brand – can throw you for a loop”, said Gustavo Rodriguez in a recent conference call with key clients. “Nevertheless, the shock of the change can actually present you with a new opportunity to improve both personally and professionally”.

Moving to the United States from Spain a little over a year ago, Gustavo Rodriguez saw an opportunity for BC&P International to expand to a thriving market with ample demand for his company’s services. In that short amount of time, the company has hired numerous new employees and now boasts a massive organizational presence centered around Miami, Florida. Currently, BC&P International is eyeing new potential expansion locales in other major cities in the United States.

“Arguably one of the biggest challenges new businesses in new markets will face is local competition”, Gustavo Rodriguez notes. “While this is particularly true when selling tangible products to consumers, it also applies when providing services”. Even though BC&P International provides its services to individuals from all walks of life, local competition can present challenges in establishing a local foothold and reputation where physical presences and brand awareness matter most. He also highlighted how language and cultural barriers can pose a huge obstacle for many businesses when opening new offices internationally – though he maintained that this particular challenge was not an issue for his expansion to Miami.

Other key points that Gustavo Rodriguez will touch on in his New Orleans speech to attendees include ensuring local, state & federal tax compliance is maintained and that supply chains are developed efficiently. Such challenges – and more – await most businesses seeking to establish a new presence abroad, but a bit of innovation and dedication can steel even the most exposed of entrepreneurs when taking the plunge to expand their business endeavors.


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