BC&P International Prepare For The Year Ahead In New Office Environment
25 Mar 2017

BC&P International Prepare For The Year Ahead In New Office Environment

It has been an exciting month for

25 Mar 2017

It has been an exciting month for BC&P International as managing director Gustavo Rodriguez has been working away behind the scenes to plan and organize the exchange into a new office, with the inspiration to update and refresh the space and environment in which they work from. BC&P International take pride in the environment from which they conduct business, and now that the move has been successfully completed, entrepreneur and managing director Gustavo Rodriguez is very excited to open the doors to his newly decorated and designed headquarters.

Gustavo Rodriguez is a passionate businessman with a keen eye for detail, his enthusiasm, and energy that he puts into perfecting the branding for his business is inspiring. He puts everything together, down to the last detail and has built a united office culture that feels welcoming, professional and screams strength and unity. Managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International admits maintaining a strong company culture only begins with a fun and vibrant office space and working environment. Your venue must represent the togetherness of both the business and your brand. This in-turn will convince clients and interviewees to trust in how you run your business. “Make sure to clean your office at the end of the day regularly, top to bottom, you should be able to come in each morning, with no tidying and nothing else to do but start your day,” Says managing director Gustavo Rodriguez. Your colleagues must see how much effort and pride goes into the branding of your company and how to steer an effective, fruitful and innovative business. “When they see this they will follow suit and show the same enthusiasm” explains managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

Managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International says, “I want our team to be inspired and excited about coming into work every morning, and with this fresh environment they can be excited to work in an innovative and modern setting. This, in turn, will encourage everybody who shares the space to take pride in our office, which will result in them caring more about their jobs and taking pride in their personal appearances and providing a higher quality of service for our clients.”

BC&P International ’s change of scenery has come just in time for the new year, and we are excited to follow their success throughout 2017 and look forward to what’s to come.

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