BC&P International Reviews Decluttering and Spring Cleaning Your Mentality
26 Apr 2018

BC&P International Reviews Decluttering and Spring Cleaning Your Mentality

Spring is our favorite season of the

26 Apr 2018

Spring is our favorite season of the year. It helps us get rid of winter blues and develop qualities that require building essential habits for the rest of the year. As we head into the end of April and early May, we’re excited to be able to learn new skills, while decluttering the material that does not matter. “It is so important to declutter your space and mind when you want to make room for new information and habits. At BC&P, we make sure to learn new, and strong skills so that our mind is always up to date with important material. The best part about this is that decluttering provides a sense of achievement that we have knocked off the unnecessary items from our lifestyle, list, and daily lives,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International.

There are numerous ways to spring clean your mentality. One of our favorite methods at BC&P is that we develop consistency. Nothing is or can be done without individuals making up their mind to be consistent. Any goal, any mission that you may have requires the ability to be consistent. Without consistency, it will take a lot longer to see results because it will be a more arduous journey. For example, let’s say you want to start the gym and get in shape for summer. If you didn’t start in the winter, then spring gives you a fresh start to begin then. When you start, you will work with small weights and then work your way up; similarly, your mentality develops by creating small habits one step at a time.

Maybe your habit and decluttering process can be as simple as not drinking soda or pop to be more healthy; maybe you’d like to drink more water — these habits may seem easy to build, but they are hard. It all begins with your ability and mentality to be consistent. When you stay consistent and step away from the things that are causing you damage physically and emotionally, you will declutter and be ready and in shape for spring. At BC&P International, we love spring cleaning internally and externally, being able to feel like there is something brand new in store for us because of the change in our lifestyle and mentality means that greater things are coming our way!






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