BC&P International Reviews the Process for Attracting Fresh Talent
27 Oct 2018

BC&P International Reviews the Process for Attracting Fresh Talent

With a truly global economy providing both

27 Oct 2018

With a truly global economy providing both benefits and disadvantages for entrepreneurs and corporations alike, balancing out the pros and cons is essential in this climate. Arguably one of the biggest challenges for business is the recruitment and retention of talented employees and leaders. With ever-increasing pressure being exerted on a global scale, the most talented professionals are being targeted by large and powerful companies with deep pockets. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, recently sat down with fellow entrepreneurs to explain how businesses can retain their star talent even when facing steep odds.

Rodriguez covered his personal thoughts on the matter of recruitment in his sit-down with entrepreneurs, but also made sure to note one book he had recently read on the subject. “There’s a great book out there called ‘Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People’ that everybody should grab today”, he stated. “This book does a better job at outlining the importance of talent above all else in the workplace than anything I’ve ever read”. The book covers the crucial components of recruiting and retaining the most valuable employees for any business.

BC&P International has managed to recruit world-class talent across multiple industries for its operations, with Rodriguez explaining that years of experience help entrepreneurs learn the right strategies. “Branding is absolutely essential”, according to Gustavo Rodriguez. Employees want to work for companies that have strong cultures and are well-respected within their fields, and will often choose to do so even if it means smaller salaries or tougher workloads. The key, he notes, is in finding ways to custom-tailor a variety of perks and creative packages that will appeal to talent in a unique sense.

Another basic yet important point BC&P International emphasizes to its client is the need for appealing and eye-catching job descriptions. “When listing job opportunities online or in physical print, it is imperative that you capture the audience’s attention”, Gustavo Rodriguez noted. “Much like we often gravitate toward the most attractive and unique resumes we receive, prospective employees will do the same with job listings”.

Especially vital for new entrepreneurs, focusing on these key points is the key to attracting the very best talent. BC&P International continues to assist clients with formulating the best marketing and branding strategies to attract both employees and consumers in their respective fields, making it possible for successful businesses to permanently enjoy sustainable growth across a variety of industries.

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