BC&P International Shares 3 Qualities of the Best Leaders
01 Dec 2017

BC&P International Shares 3 Qualities of the Best Leaders

“Everyone wants to be a type of

01 Dec 2017

“Everyone wants to be a type of leader that’s one of the greatest for their mentorship and personality. Not many individuals are the greatest leaders though, however, those that are — what leadership qualities do they possess that make them the best? AT BC&P International, we’ve made a note of 3 qualities we place importance on to be the best leader,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. One of the important aspects that make us consider quality in a leader is the fact that leadership itself is the ability to inspire those around you. You are what you attract, and if you are a great leader with your high qualities, you will attract high-quality crew members for your company also.”It has to be a reciprocal relationship, where both parties inspire each other and know the best for the company,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

These are the three qualities we find to be important in leaders:

Be Strong but not Rude

Power and leadership come with the pedestal of being a certain way towards those that work with you. That is the key; they work “with” you, not “for you.” Some people and leaders mistake rudeness towards others for their power, which is wrong. “A great leader has strength, but they are not rude about it towards others,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

Do Not Be a Bully

Leaders can boss others around, but it doesn’t mean they should. There are other methods of achieving the highest quality work from your crew members. It takes a particular type of bold attitude to help positively influence others. Anyone can tell another person to do something, especially if they are in a higher position; but it does not mean it’s effective or they should.

Arrogance is a No-No

No one wants to be a leader that is always bragging and putting their accomplishments in other people’s faces. It’s great that an individual has come this far to earn a high role, but arrogance turns into ignorance, and that’s not the best quality. Instead, learn to utilize your accomplishments subtly — those that know already respect you, and without even reminding anyone you can keep the grounds of your leadership high.

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