BC&P International Shares 4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Help You To Never Quit
01 May 2017

BC&P International Shares 4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Help You To Never Quit

BC&P International knows that being an entrepreneur

01 May 2017

BC&P International knows that being an entrepreneur and business individual is a great position to be in. When everything goes well, the growth and success is what makes being a business individual exciting. Seeing that the hard work you’re putting into your company and is actively showing, is a great feeling. However, there are also times when not everything will go your way. “At these times, it’s the most important to keep yourself driven. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. There are many highs and lows and you will feel like giving up, but whatever you do — don’t!” says Gustavo Rodriguez, Managing Director of BC&P International.


Our business partners and team at BC&P International have come up with 4 ways to combat this feeling that makes you quit and to never let it get the better of you. These 4 ways are sure to make you feeling like there will be endless possibilities on your route to your goal.


  1. It’s a long journey and it won’t be easy. Whenever you start a goal or are in the process of it, make sure to remember and expect complications. “It’ll keep your vision remain realistic and if you learn to accept that failure is a part of success, it’ll help you cope with disappointments and you’ll end up still being on the right track without the want of giving up,” mentions Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.
  2. Keep your vision clear. When your vision and perspective are clear and you are aiming straight toward your goal, nothing can stop you from getting it. Perseverance is the one thing that helps competitors reach their desired goal.
  3. Find your purpose. Make sure that you find out if what you’re doing is something you’re passionate about. Many individuals aimlessly go into something for materialistic purposes. But this doesn’t feed your soul and it definitely won’t help should you ever want to quit. Having the motivation towards something you’re passionate about is the greatest part of that purpose.
  4. Remember why you started. For example, “why did you get into the field you are in? What made you passionate about it? Or what made you start doing something in the first place? Asking yourself these questions will help you bring reasons into perspective,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Not only will this help you focus on what you want, but it’ll help you realize goals aren’t made to be quit on.
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