BC&P International Shares 5 Motivational Quotes About Improving Yourself
01 Jul 2017

BC&P International Shares 5 Motivational Quotes About Improving Yourself

“There’s a certain art in improving yourself

01 Jul 2017

“There’s a certain art in improving yourself constantly. This means you want to be better. That you are putting in the effort to make sure everything is going smoothly with your habits and your efforts in the pursuit of success. Ultimately the goal is to win and do it better than anyone else in your league. At BC&P International, we know that this is tough. To be better and constantly try. But we believe in the effort and process,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. Is there a secret to improving yourself? We believe that the the best thing to do is just start! “Everything will follow once you make the decision to start and stick with your habits,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

Our representatives at BC&P International we believe that self-improvement happens with you putting in the work and taking action. We accumulated five quotes that’ll motivate you to work on everything you want to about yourself, and it’ll happen one step at a time!


“You’ve got to have rules to live by, and one of mine is always say yes. Put yourself in danger of something amazing happening to you.” —Tom Bilyeu

“Growth is actually contagious, so if you want to reach your goals, you’ve got to get around people who are going in the same direction you want to be going, and you will catch the success.” —Dr. Henry Cloud

“Beginning today, set an intention and a relentless focus on living your life as the greatest person you can be, in all situations.” —Brendon Burchard

“The dreaming has to be backed up by the doing.” —Carrie Wilkerson

“When you are at that intersection in the road and you’ve got two paths to go down, because of the impact of certain people in your life, you’re able to choose the right path.” —Jason Witten


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