BC&P International Shares Advice on Corporate Team Improvement
07 Sep 2018

BC&P International Shares Advice on Corporate Team Improvement

Businesses opening their doors in the current

07 Sep 2018

Businesses opening their doors in the current economic climate have many advantages which can improve the chances of success. A strong economic climate and global economic bonds have produced unprecedented opportunities for both local and international success. Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International recently shared advice with fellow industry leaders on tapping into this success via the power of teamwork.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs and businesses generate success or experience failure based on the cohesion of their teams, according to Gustavo Rodriguez. “Entrepreneurs starting from scratch have a tendency to micromanage and want to maintain control for as long as possible, but there comes a time where that is no longer possible”, he said. As companies begin to grow, the workload becomes insurmountable for any one person to handle, which merits bringing new employees into the fold. Careful evaluations during hiring processes at crucial growth moments can make all the difference and is one of the most important points that BC&P International emphasizes to clients.

Businesses that make the right decisions with regard to hiring still cannot guarantee success under these conditions, as the climate for teamwork and delegation must be promoted by leadership. Gustavo Rodriguez explained that “people – not just leaders, but even the most basic employees – generally step up to the plate when given the opportunity”. When employees feel relegated to menial tasks, they often are less likely to feel invested in the company’s broader outcomes. As such, effective entrepreneurs must find ways to incorporate new employees into important decisions and projects to truly build a sense of teamwork.

BC&P International recommends that CEOs and business leaders find meaningful yet controlled situations where employee potential can be tested and utilized. By providing leeway and confidence to individual team members, the conditions for success can be bred. It is in these situations that many future leaders discover the talents and strengths that would otherwise remain dormant under the surface. Business leaders must know how to draw out these talents – all without placing the company’s bottom line at risk.

Gustavo Rodriguez has experienced these situations first-hand in his work at BC&P International. Providing those industry leaders with a variety of examples, he consistently pointed to growth as being the most important time where team improvement is crucial. “As new people enter an existing atmosphere during a time of upheaval, providing an incentive for old and new team members alike to collaborate is a challenge, but also imperative”, Gustavo Rodriguez noted. Businesses that succeed in this endeavor ultimately clear these hurdles and go on to experience phenomenal, positive growth.




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