BC&P International Shares Being Bilingual & Learning Skills
22 Jan 2018

BC&P International Shares Being Bilingual & Learning Skills

Make it your 2018 goal to learn

22 Jan 2018

Make it your 2018 goal to learn another language. Learning another language is such an advantage these days. Our world is advancing aggressively; diversity is becoming more and more common every day. BC&P International is delighted to be around those that welcome different and bilingual folks. We are a company that stands for diversity, our CEO and our representatives all carry a factor of uniqueness to them. “Being able to speak another language opens new opportunities and doors for you. Often when you’re going after a job, you get a perk if you say you know another language, or speak Spanish, for example. In the United States, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language. Due to that make 2018 your year by learning a new skill set and language!” says Gustavo Rodriguez managing director of BC&P International.

According to Fluentt.com, the writer Danielle Powell talks about the benefits of being bilingual. In one concept, they write about the advantage of being bilingual and a business owner. At BC&P, this has given an edge to us as we carry this factor; but why is that? The writer says, “If you’re a business owner and you can only speak one language, you might be missing out on an effective way to make your business better. Sure, hiring employees who are bilingual can be beneficial to your company, but being bilingual yourself will be even more advantageous. Don’t believe it? Here are a few ways that being bilingual can be better for business. It gives you more networking opportunities Business owners who are bilingual should simply have more opportunities to network, as they’re able to converse with more people than monolinguals. It helps you think outside the box Bilingual business owners also are likely to be more mentally fit, as learning a new language (or just speaking two languages), requires mental exercise and thinking outside the box. Because of this, they can take their creativity skills from language learning (or the extended insight they have from having grown up speaking two languages) to their business models, enabling them to think of unique ways to make their business endeavors more successful.”

Not only is learning a new language beneficial for your mind and new strategies. But it is advantageous because it makes you stand out in your opportunities. It helps attract more individuals that feel that diversity is a significant factor in your firm. It welcomes individuals when they know their CEO speaks another language, almost creating a sense of belonging. Unity and diversity are what we stand for at BC&P International, and we’re proud of our bilingual edge!






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