BC&P International Shares: “How to Envision—and Reach—Your Potential”
28 May 2018

BC&P International Shares: “How to Envision—and Reach—Your Potential”

According to an article in Success magazine,

28 May 2018

According to an article in Success magazine, Author Shawn Achor writes about goals being moving targets. They are never places to land on or destinations, instead they should always be constant and moving. At BC&P International, we envision big. Our success is because we reach our highest potential. We are ahead of our competitors because we chose to push through all barriers and limits that come in our way. Rather than seeing things from a smaller perspective or lense, we decide to look at things more prominently because dreaming big is what helps us get closer to our highest vision or dreams. “We know that our success and vision go hand in hand. What we believe for ourselves is what we must work towards,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International

According to the article, Achor writes One of the most effective and well-studied ways to vividly envision our futures is to write about it. The act of consciously crafting your narrative of an event—past or future—directs your energy toward it. In one study, researcher Laura King found that when people wrote about their best possible self, the type of person they aspire to become and think is possible to become, their health and well-being significantly improved. […] These techniques do more than just help us sustain the gains in the short term; there is lasting impact to our efforts to vividly conceive of a positive future.”

When you have a goal or dream in mind, write about it. Envision your future for yourself through your own writing; it makes it more real. BC&P International completely agrees with the notion of acting through your own narrative. When you believe that you are capable of something you will see it written down and it will motivate you to accomplish something that much more. We envision success for all individuals that realize their potential and work hard to achieving it and know that it is possible when anyone puts their mind to it!






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