BC&P International Reviews the Importance of ‘Spanish in the Business World’
01 Apr 2017

BC&P International Reviews the Importance of ‘Spanish in the Business World’

According to the article “Spanish in the

01 Apr 2017

According to the article “Spanish in the Business World,” there’s a certain importance which presents itself with an undeniable existence in the world of business. This article mentions that Spanish is spoken by over “420,000,000 native speakers plus people that speak Spanish as a second language.” “This is huge, especially in today’s business industry. Being bilingual and having another language as well as English creates an all-around good business experience,” mentions Gustavo Rodriguez, Managing Director of BCP International. But why is there an importance to Spanish and knowing it? For starters, it’s ranked as the second most spoken language in the world, more than any other. Most of the movies and entrainment videos almost always have Spanish subtitles which make it more important as to why it’s rising constantly. At BCP International, we welcome and admire any second language quality.


All individual have the capability to learn another language if they don’t know one already. “But the fact of the matter is that it’s becoming more and more important to have this skill under your sleeve,” notes Gustavo Rodriguez of BCP International. The article “Spanish in the Business World” also mentions, “The importance of Spanish as a language of business has been increasing in the last few decades, due in large part to the constant economic growth Latin American countries have been experiencing –many of these countries have taken huge leaps forward in terms of their international economic positions. Latin America is a rich source of raw materials, which has helped make knowledge of Spanish a necessity in seemingly distant countries such as Japan, where international trade is done in Spain and Latin America.”


To be universal and communicative with knowing Spanish (or any other language) is very important. It goes the same for other languages as well. If you, as a business are supposed to be an international phenomenon, you can’t just pass with English. You have to accommodate to a client’s needs. For example, if a client does not know how to speak English and they only speak Spanish, translation can help — but how phenomenal would it be if you had a skill of speaking Spanish and having that personal business interaction with them? That’s the type of value we consider important at BCP International.


Additionally, the article writes, “The Spanish language itself has become a significant economic resource. The various courses that cater to the different needs of Spanish learners have helped elevate the number of people studying Spanish around the world to nearly 20 million, including a study on an official level in high schools and universities…” “This is extremely exciting. Being a fluent Spanish-speaker and native of Spain it makes me happy knowing that the language is growing and being valued all around. Especially in the business world,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BCP International.

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