At BC&P, we encourage an

At BC&P, we encourage an exciting, fast paced environment where everyone is treated as a business partner. We invest a lot into our training schedule, making it our priority to deliver a service that’s second to none.

Our values are strong and we believe that our exceptional working habits help us stand out from the crowd. Our attitude is shaped by our focus, winning mentality and dedication to achieve the goals we set on a short, mid, and long term basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to cross train adaptable new managers through our challenging leadership programme. And we are excited to welcome new partners into our ever expanding project.



BC&P is a fast moving sales and marketing company based in the heart of the energetic city of Miami. Founded by entrepreneur Gustavo Rodregus.  We are specialists in our industry, of face to face customer acquisition, offering our national clients first class representation.

Our goal here at BC&P is to expand into the USA and International markets every single year. We know that this can be achieved because we are continually hitting our clients goals. By hitting their goals, we also hit our own. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. At BC&P International the sky is the limit.


Our goals at BC&P International are huge.

Our goal is simple, we can offer a limitless opportunity for anyone who has the desire to go the extra mile. We are constantly looking to expand into new markets and we are fortunate that our existing clients match our vision to do so. We will achieve this growth by ensuring that we are focussed and share a common objective, relative to whatever our clients require. We make our clients goals, our goals, and then strive to go above and beyond to exceed them.

Our current office in the heart of Miami’s lively city center is the perfect location for us to maximize exposure for our clients. We can guarantee instant results and unrivaled brand awareness. And the part that’s even more exciting, we only charge for the results we deliver. All over the globe, small and large companies are looking to outsource their product or service to specialists like BC&P International, more than ever before.

What makes us different? We step into the shoes of our clients and make their goals our own. This way, we know that success is very predictable, and our representation is both personal and sustainable. The longevity of our ever growing opportunity is crucial, so we make it our priority to ensure that the approach at our event promotions is dynamic and refreshing.

We are moving quickly; client and office expansion is already underway and we are excited about the relationships that will be formed in the coming years, and for anyone who has ambition that matches our own. We look forward to you joining in our success.

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