BC&P International Reviews the Process for Attracting Fresh Talent

With a truly global economy providing both benefits and disadvantages for entrepreneurs and corporations alike, balancing out the pros and cons is essential in this climate. Arguably one of the biggest challenges for business is the recruitment and retention of talented employees and leaders. With ever-increasing pressure being exerted on a global scale, the most talented professionals are being targeted by large and powerful companies with deep pockets. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, recently sat down with fellow entrepreneurs to explain how businesses can retain their star talent even when facing steep odds.

Rodriguez covered his personal thoughts on the matter of recruitment in his sit-down with entrepreneurs, but also made sure to note one book he had recently read on the subject. “There’s a great book out there called ‘Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People’ that everybody should grab today”, he stated. “This book does a better job at outlining the importance of talent above all else in the workplace than anything I’ve ever read”. The book covers the crucial components of recruiting and retaining the most valuable employees for any business.

BC&P International has managed to recruit world-class talent across multiple industries for its operations, with Rodriguez explaining that years of experience help entrepreneurs learn the right strategies. “Branding is absolutely essential”, according to Gustavo Rodriguez. Employees want to work for companies that have strong cultures and are well-respected within their fields, and will often choose to do so even if it means smaller salaries or tougher workloads. The key, he notes, is in finding ways to custom-tailor a variety of perks and creative packages that will appeal to talent in a unique sense.

Another basic yet important point BC&P International emphasizes to its client is the need for appealing and eye-catching job descriptions. “When listing job opportunities online or in physical print, it is imperative that you capture the audience’s attention”, Gustavo Rodriguez noted. “Much like we often gravitate toward the most attractive and unique resumes we receive, prospective employees will do the same with job listings”.

Especially vital for new entrepreneurs, focusing on these key points is the key to attracting the very best talent. BC&P International continues to assist clients with formulating the best marketing and branding strategies to attract both employees and consumers in their respective fields, making it possible for successful businesses to permanently enjoy sustainable growth across a variety of industries.

BC&P International Highlights the Challenges of International Expansion

Any entrepreneur seeking to capitalize on the next big idea surely understands a plethora of challenges await. From starting a new business with a purely local focus to expanding operations internationally, the process of growing businesses never gets any easier. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, has recently been invited to New Orleans to discuss the challenges of expanding his business operations internationally, and what methods were used to overcome these obstacles.

Gustavo Rodriguez is humbled to be invited to speak at the Rising Star Event in New Orleans and plans to use his personal experience in international expansion to highlight the key challenges entrepreneurs face. “Expanding operations to a new country – especially when you’re personally moving to the country alongside the brand – can throw you for a loop”, said Gustavo Rodriguez in a recent conference call with key clients. “Nevertheless, the shock of the change can actually present you with a new opportunity to improve both personally and professionally”.

Moving to the United States from Spain a little over a year ago, Gustavo Rodriguez saw an opportunity for BC&P International to expand to a thriving market with ample demand for his company’s services. In that short amount of time, the company has hired numerous new employees and now boasts a massive organizational presence centered around Miami, Florida. Currently, BC&P International is eyeing new potential expansion locales in other major cities in the United States.

“Arguably one of the biggest challenges new businesses in new markets will face is local competition”, Gustavo Rodriguez notes. “While this is particularly true when selling tangible products to consumers, it also applies when providing services”. Even though BC&P International provides its services to individuals from all walks of life, local competition can present challenges in establishing a local foothold and reputation where physical presences and brand awareness matter most. He also highlighted how language and cultural barriers can pose a huge obstacle for many businesses when opening new offices internationally – though he maintained that this particular challenge was not an issue for his expansion to Miami.

Other key points that Gustavo Rodriguez will touch on in his New Orleans speech to attendees include ensuring local, state & federal tax compliance is maintained and that supply chains are developed efficiently. Such challenges – and more – await most businesses seeking to establish a new presence abroad, but a bit of innovation and dedication can steel even the most exposed of entrepreneurs when taking the plunge to expand their business endeavors.


BC&P International Discusses the Importance of Securing Investment

Mass media and the free flow of information mean entrepreneurs and investors alike have an unprecedented amount of information available to assess business environments. Such a situation has not only produced new and efficient alternatives for businesses to achieve the funding necessary for growth and expansion but also for investors to carefully evaluate the realistic expectations of success. Gustavo Rodriguez, the owner of BC&P International, recently discussed just how important securing investment can be for new entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest challenges when planning for growth is securing the necessary resources to take the plunge. Gustavo Rodriguez outlined this in an email to clients. “There are numerous methods for raising capital in today’s economic climate, but all require a concrete plan and persistence”, he said. Some of the concerns most commonly expressed by clients of BC&P International include the concept of trading equity for investment and compromising between how the expansion is envisioned versus what is realistic based on resources.

Gustavo Rodriguez reminded clients that a variety of new investment opportunities exist for businesses willing to give a little and work hard. “An increasingly popular concept for many entrepreneurs just starting out is crowdfunding, but crowdfunding isn’t limited merely to those building a new product in their garage”, he stated. Websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter allow budding entrepreneurs to easily create goals and raise money toward business projects, with options for gifts and special bonuses provided to those who contribute toward the campaign.

Nevertheless, most traditional business investment proposals require larger sums of money than those that can be generated by simple crowdfunding efforts. BC&P International has helped clients for years in developing smooth and sophisticated branding and marketing strategies to effectively pitch to investors; Gustavo Rodriguez noted that “the style and experience of the investment pitch are arguably more important than the substance, at least when it comes to maintaining the audience’s attention”. Investors obviously want to see cold, hard data and facts backing up any proposed investment, but providing an appeal to keep investors interested is crucial in securing any capital.

Venture capitalists and investors alike have good reason to invest in such a prosperous economic state, and businesses have every responsibility to look for expansion and investment opportunities. BC&P International understands just how important it is to bring both sides of the equation together effectively to secure an arrangement that benefits both parties; done properly, even the newest of entrepreneurs can secure backing with a great idea, a solid plan, and a fantastic presentation.

BC&P International Shares Advice on Corporate Team Improvement

Businesses opening their doors in the current economic climate have many advantages which can improve the chances of success. A strong economic climate and global economic bonds have produced unprecedented opportunities for both local and international success. Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International recently shared advice with fellow industry leaders on tapping into this success via the power of teamwork.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs and businesses generate success or experience failure based on the cohesion of their teams, according to Gustavo Rodriguez. “Entrepreneurs starting from scratch have a tendency to micromanage and want to maintain control for as long as possible, but there comes a time where that is no longer possible”, he said. As companies begin to grow, the workload becomes insurmountable for any one person to handle, which merits bringing new employees into the fold. Careful evaluations during hiring processes at crucial growth moments can make all the difference and is one of the most important points that BC&P International emphasizes to clients.

Businesses that make the right decisions with regard to hiring still cannot guarantee success under these conditions, as the climate for teamwork and delegation must be promoted by leadership. Gustavo Rodriguez explained that “people – not just leaders, but even the most basic employees – generally step up to the plate when given the opportunity”. When employees feel relegated to menial tasks, they often are less likely to feel invested in the company’s broader outcomes. As such, effective entrepreneurs must find ways to incorporate new employees into important decisions and projects to truly build a sense of teamwork.

BC&P International recommends that CEOs and business leaders find meaningful yet controlled situations where employee potential can be tested and utilized. By providing leeway and confidence to individual team members, the conditions for success can be bred. It is in these situations that many future leaders discover the talents and strengths that would otherwise remain dormant under the surface. Business leaders must know how to draw out these talents – all without placing the company’s bottom line at risk.

Gustavo Rodriguez has experienced these situations first-hand in his work at BC&P International. Providing those industry leaders with a variety of examples, he consistently pointed to growth as being the most important time where team improvement is crucial. “As new people enter an existing atmosphere during a time of upheaval, providing an incentive for old and new team members alike to collaborate is a challenge, but also imperative”, Gustavo Rodriguez noted. Businesses that succeed in this endeavor ultimately clear these hurdles and go on to experience phenomenal, positive growth.

BC&P International Shares Inspiration From Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.

At BC&P International, we love soccer/football as a sport and competition. One of our favorite athletes in this game is Neymar. He is known as one of the best and most expensive football players of our time. He is known for his strikes and attacks on the field with the football. At BC&P International, we admire anyone who is willing to work on their skill and inspire the world. Neymar does just that; he inspires us to be the best we can be. He has won numerous awards at such a young age and has accomplished an average of fifteen goals in eighteen goals this season. He is fierce and because of that, we are inspired by him.

At BC&P International, we know that with hard work and motivation anything is possible. Neymar is the pinnacle of that notion. He did such a great job so far that he got offers from other companies for sponsorships and not only does he deliver on the field but he has become a well-rounded athlete known to almost everyone around the globe. At BC&P International, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes to inspire you and see what a great athlete and motivate Neymar is to us.

“It’s about time for Neymar to take his place as the best in the world.” Ronaldo.

“It’s been clear ever since he signed for Brazilian team Santos at 17 that Neymar is an outstanding talent, a once-in-a-generation type of footballer who has fans on their feet whenever he gets the ball. I’ve always been struck by his humility. He’s respectful and wants to learn, which he proved when he arrived at Barcelona in 2013 to play alongside some of the game’s biggest stars.” David Beckham

“Some people like his style, others don’t. I can understand that his opponents don’t like it when he fools about too much on the pitch, but the way he plays certainly brings a lot of spectacle. The fans love players like Neymar.” Zinedine Zidane

“With Neymar nothing surprises me what he does. He has an unusual quality and is a real phenomenon” David Luiz






BC&P International Encourages To Always Stay Challenged

At BC&P International, we believe that staying challenged and out of your comfort zone is always one of the best aspects about being successful. Some of the most successful individuals of our time and from in the past were known for being innovative and creative. These habits were formed because these individuals decided to push through boundaries and challenge themselves to explore beyond what our world offers. “Some of the greatest ideas and inventions were made by those who dared to challenge the norms,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International.

For example, look at Steve Jobs; if he had not worked with his mind and crew members to come up with the tools to develop Apple inventions, we would not be holding one of the most excellent pieces of technology in our hands today. All greats aspire to reach beyond the stars because they dare to do that, they can create their legacy for the future. At BC&P International, we admire those that are consistently challenging themselves to be at the top. Being competitive, challenged and driven helps us stay ahead of our competition and we are proud of that at our firm at BC&P.

Staying challenged also creates confidence in individuals. According to, the writer Tracy Martin writes “Overcoming challenges creates opportunities to discover things about ourselves like strengths, preferences, and even passions. When we try new things, we discover hidden aspects of who we are that have yet to be developed. I’ve seen people find an intense love of dance and music much later in life than the norm, and they did it by taking one scary dance lesson with a friend. We unfold as a person who can experience joy, passion, and excitement for life when we choose to open our hearts to a new version of our self.”




BC&P International Advises: Make Time for Yourself

“Time is something that is very important. We cannot control time, but we can make it work for us. Time can help us establish ourselves and to see how much we have grown. Time also helps us become who we are and helps us be true to ourselves,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. Being a part of our industry in business, we barely have time for ourselves. We’re always on the move and making sure that our company and its’ strategies are always improving. We’re always working on new projects and working with new individuals to ensure a creative environment. At BC&P International, we firmly believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mindset. We know that it may be tough to make time for yourself, but it is imperative.

Joanne Wilson, investor and board member of the High Line mentions “‘Me time during the week requires scheduling. I try and take off Tuesday afternoons. It is my time to see a friend, go to a museum, go shopping, or whatever. The real downtime is on the weekends. Saturday morning I do the New York Times crossword puzzle for both Saturday and Sunday. Then on Sunday, I try to do nothing—stay in sweats all day, catch up on magazines and life, and have the whole family over for dinner. Then I get up on Monday and do it all over again. Reality is there is no rest for the weary.”

At BC&P International, we believe that giving yourself time assists in helping to refresh the mind. It helps us think more clearly and more actively. Many times individuals assume that working all the time will help them get further, but in reality, this burns us out from the inside. As human beings, we need some color in our life, and that comes from taking a break for ourselves and our well-being. We work continually because we want to be the best and hard work does lead you places but don’t forget to give yourself the care you need as well! Setting professional and personal goals will help you achieve what you’re trying to in the long run — remember to take breaks in between give yourself that moment of ‘fun’ as well!






BC&P International Reviews Methods for Inspiration

As business minded individuals, our minds must be in a such a way that we understand innovation and creativity.  “With the right amount of balance, we can create our own inspiration and build our effort through that,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Once inspiration gets you, it will be hard to miss it. You could be while watching your favorite team play or someone you care about reaches their dream. These are types of inspirations that happen and make us want to be creative into getting our own. However, there are sometimes where motivation doesn’t make its way through quickly; it is hard to establish and make sure that we’re capable. This is where you need it the most and make sure you’re getting towards it strictly.

The first thing to do when you’re trying to get inspired and get out of a rut is to remove whatever is causing a bad vibe. Remove factors that do not help you grow. That’s something that is mainly drawing your inspiration away. Inspiration comes from being motivated to accomplish something. It’s a drive and goal that thrills you — find what makes you want to feel driven and you will be inspired. Also, discover what you are most passionate about? “What makes you want to reach your goals every morning or daily? Use this as a foundation to see what drives you forward. This is something that will energize you and keep you focused in achieving what you love,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

The last step to gaining methods of inspiration is by working hard. Working hard seems like it can be done easily, however it is not. This is just as important as anything else. Once you’re inspired make sure that you’re putting in the effort to get through what you want. Work on your ideas and make sure you follow through. Research shows that individuals are the most positive and productive when they are working towards a goal. Use that as a guide to help you and start by taking care of yourself and your goals. This is the essential factor in working hard and achieving your goals.




BC&P International Are Inspired By These Quotes to Reach To Reach Their Goals

BC&P International believes we all have goals in life. Whether it’s something big or small, we have a vision of it and want to get towards it eventually. Nonetheless, the only aspect is that many people don’t have the strength to get past the adversities that come with reaching towards our goals. Due to this, we let go or give up. This is not the way BC&P International sees things. “We continuously work towards our goal, and we never give up. That is not our motto. Our motto is to fully accept that we can change anything in our way and make it better,  says Gustavo Rodriguez, Managing Director of BC&P International.

“Our world and society have been made easy by having everything at our fingertips. In all honestly, reaching for a goal requires patience, and many individuals need to have the specific and strong mindset to be able to reach their goals properly and with patience,” mentions Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Since we believe it’s essential to reach for any goal you set your mind to, here are some inspirational quotes to help kick-start your courage and start your goals!


  1. “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.” – Marcus Garvey
  2. “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” – Babe Ruth
  3. “The secret to happiness is freedom…  And the secret to freedom is courage.” – Thucydides
  4. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali
  5. “In any given moment, we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow
  6.  “Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.” – Amelia Earhart
  7. “Just as courage is the danger of life, so is fear its safeguard.” – Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel



BC&P International Shares: “How to Envision—and Reach—Your Potential”

According to an article in Success magazine, Author Shawn Achor writes about goals being moving targets. They are never places to land on or destinations, instead they should always be constant and moving. At BC&P International, we envision big. Our success is because we reach our highest potential. We are ahead of our competitors because we chose to push through all barriers and limits that come in our way. Rather than seeing things from a smaller perspective or lense, we decide to look at things more prominently because dreaming big is what helps us get closer to our highest vision or dreams. “We know that our success and vision go hand in hand. What we believe for ourselves is what we must work towards,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International

According to the article, Achor writes One of the most effective and well-studied ways to vividly envision our futures is to write about it. The act of consciously crafting your narrative of an event—past or future—directs your energy toward it. In one study, researcher Laura King found that when people wrote about their best possible self, the type of person they aspire to become and think is possible to become, their health and well-being significantly improved. […] These techniques do more than just help us sustain the gains in the short term; there is lasting impact to our efforts to vividly conceive of a positive future.”

When you have a goal or dream in mind, write about it. Envision your future for yourself through your own writing; it makes it more real. BC&P International completely agrees with the notion of acting through your own narrative. When you believe that you are capable of something you will see it written down and it will motivate you to accomplish something that much more. We envision success for all individuals that realize their potential and work hard to achieving it and know that it is possible when anyone puts their mind to it!



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