BC&P International Review ‘Start Something That Matters’

It’s normal for people to think about what they want to achieve in life. They may want to become wealthy or to create a product that’s really valuable to people. Alternatively, they may want to spend quality time with the ones they love or do something that inspires them and makes them feel great about yourself. Life’s all about choices. Or is it? Can you have it all? Here, BC&P International review “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie (published by Virgin Books).

“This is a great, and inspiring, book, that shows that we don’t have to choose between business success and doing something that we truly love”, said Gustavo Rodriguez, director of BC&P International. “It shows how business can also have a social heart, so if you really want to make the world a better place, and are passionate about a great cause, then becoming an entrepreneur may be the best way to achieve it.”

The best-selling book allows entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie to tell his personal story, and there are plenty of lessons that both new and experienced entrepreneurs can take from it. He traveled in South America in 2006 and saw many children that were barefoot because they couldn’t afford shoes, as well as seeing the health problems that this resulted in. He knew that he wanted to help, but rather than starting a charity he believed that enterprise held the key. In Argentina, he saw simple shoes called alpargatos, which local farmers and cowboys wore. He believed that the shoes if marketed well, would sell back home in the USA, and this led the way to him launching ‘tomorrow’s shoes’, or TOMS. A unique selling point is that for each pair sold, the company will supply a free pair of shoes to a child who needed them. From humble beginnings, this has proved very successful, and now some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and fashion can be seen wearing them.

The book outlines a six-point plan that lay behind the success of TOMS. These can be summarized as follows: make business personal, keep the concept simple, be resourceful and innovative, remain humble and genuine, be a business that gives back, and be prepared to work hard and enjoy what it is that you do.

“Blake Mycoskie is a real business visionary, who saw a problem and came up with a new and effective solution”, said Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. “It’s great to see that having a heart can help a business flourish. The book also shows the importance of passion and believing in what you do. This is a key to business success.”

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BC&P International Review New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Start Up


New Year’s resolutions are not just for your personal life, and you can also create impactful resolutions for your business and colleagues. A resolution, as we know, is a decision to do something differently to bring about positive change. Here, managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International offers a handful of useful resolutions worth setting this year.

Become better focused and increase your productivity.

This is the perfect resolution for those who often waste time on social media or find ourselves succumbing to other distractions that get us off-track, then end up wondering where the time went. Managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International says procrastination is the quickest way to damage your company, especially in its teething years. Focus your time on the important tasks, strategically allocate your time where needed the most.

Manage your personal and the company’s cash flow more efficiently.

This is the most common but most important resolution for small business owners who have drastic ebbs and flows in their cash flow, have been unable to create enough capital to invest back into the business, or those who don’t really understand the day-to-day finances of the business. BC&P International are very pedantic about where their money is being invested, making sure your purchases are going to benefit you or your business in some way or another.

Learn to communicate more effectively.

Frequent issues with misunderstandings among your employees, lack of employee morale and consistently wasting time repeating the same information over and over is a sign that you are communicating ineffectively. This resolution will help you focus on becoming a better communicator in your business. Managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International stresses the importance of being an efficient communicator when leading a business, and you can use online resources, youtube videos, and books to learn how the best leaders communicate well.

Here, marketing firm BC&P International set out to help other startups to stick to their resolutions this year successfully, and become a more successful and better-managed business.

BC&P International on The Benefits of Being a Bi Lingual Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs are always hungry to learn, and they invest their time in learning new information that will help them develop themselves and their skills as a self-starter. BC&P International look at the benefits of learning another language in the business world.

Managing director Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International is a self-made entrepreneur, originally from Spain who is fluent in both his mother tongue Spanish and English as his second language. Running a successful business, Gustavo’s second language has become un-expendable to his success. Gustavo Rodriguez manages a team of over twenty people, all various nationalities and living in the United States and Gustavo interacts with them all, every day during morning meetings and training sessions. Because Gustavo mastered his English and became fluent, he is able to teach and train his team the products and services of his US based clients.

“Even if you can only just about converse in another language, the benefits are numerous, you are able to understand social signals, and you can even better understand the culture and foreign workforce of another country” explains Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Gustavo had a substantial advantage when he first joined the industry, throughout his training, Gustavo was able to communicate directly with both the Spanish and English population in which he would meet at marketing events, who spoke only a little or no English at all.  He was able to successfully show and advise them about their client’s products and services, where others in his team were not able to help.

“The United States is populated by internationals, being an entrepreneur in a customer facing industry, investing your time to learn another language is priceless. By doing so you can remove one more obstacle in the way of success, you can speak to more people than before. You can build more relationships and most importantly, you can increase your clients international following”, explains Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

BC&P International Review The Importance Of Influence Optimization


Building influence with consumers and other stakeholders is very important to the concept of building better relationships. In the corporate world, workers, in particular, have a variety of needs and desires, but each is best expressed in a specific way and at a specific time. Many disagreements and misunderstandings can arise when these variables are poorly considered.

The need to develop more influence in the workplace or in the market of ideas is vital for long-term success, but how can individuals and businesses improve at it? Here, BC&P International examine how optimizing conversations of influence is necessary in order to achieve the best results.

Gustavo Rodriguez, Director of BC&P International, explained recently how the concept of influence optimization should be viewed. “Not all interactions, requests, and conversations are ideal to have at any particular moment,” he said. “For instance, a conversation about a pay raise or a particularly challenging hiring decision will need to be handled in a time and place that best complements the attitudes of those involved. Asking for or being asked for a raise isn’t necessarily something that should occur during a stressful time within the company, nor should an outside recruitment decision be handled without careful consideration of how existing workers will feel about the decision”.

Optimizing overall influence relates to when, where and how discussions on potentially contentious or sensitive matters occur. BC&P International and other leading marketing firms recommend that businesses approach human resources when possible to consider the implications that potential decisions from management might have on overall morale. Likewise, people influence optimization requires a keen eye for subtle shifts in body language, tone, and other intra-office dynamics in order to avoid making the wrong decision at the wrong time.

Without careful consideration for a variety of dynamics that play out within business settings and offices, executives and business partners alike can make critical mistakes that affect overall morale and sentiment. In order to produce a superior working environment while also improving overall influence for a business or worker, individuals must consider how specific requests and actions affect others. BC&P International has a vested interest in ensuring clients’ work environments are optimized to deal with interactions of influence, as such situations can have a profound impact on how businesses interact with marketing firms, how successful each business will be and how effective the transmission of marketing objectives and goals is when discussing important strategies.

BC&P International On Why They Call Miami Home

When you are opening up a new business, it is crucial to explore your options of locations, as you must bear in mind where you will base yourself. When you have an array of successful and inspiring businesses on your doorstep you are far more likely to interact with like-minded people and recruit budding entrepreneurs. Once you are established and you begin to build a great rapport with the local area,  you will find that your company will be recognised through word of mouth. It’s no surprise that an innovative and creative company such as BC&P International chose the up and coming city of Miami to be their headquarters.

With an increasing population of 417,650 people, Miami is known for being a leader in finance, commerce, culture and entertainment, and is the 11th most populous state in the USA. The city has the third tallest skyline in the US and over 300 high-rises. Serving several universities and colleges, Miami has an estimated student population of 18,456. Impressively Miami has a total gross state of $257 billion, placing it 11th in the United States. BC&P International are amongst the thousands of other thriving business making their success in Miami.

Managing Director of BC&P International, says, ‘It was obvious to me that I would need to base my company in a place that was thriving, so Miami was the obvious choice. It’s fantastic being a part of the Miami business community, I find this city so inspiring. I am constantly observing the progressive nature of businesses here and the city is encouraged to modernise itself with its student population keeping the city young and innovative. Miami is home to creative, ambitious and success-driven professionals and I feel proud to be contributing opportunities to the budding community here.’

Some companies back off from setting up in the heart of Miami these days because of the high overheads, but this does not put off a forward-thinking company like BC&P International. You may end up paying more business rates but the fact of the matter is that you will generate far more work when you are operating in the centre of Miami rather in a quieter satellite suburban area. This is one of the many reasons why Miami is still in such high demand. Another benefit of placing yourself in the heart of a city such as Miami is that you have a wide range of resources available to you such as restaurants, function rooms and hotels, bars and other business facilities close at hand for work socials.

BC&P International Talk About Greeting The Day

Greet the day with enthusiasm, stay positive, attack the day, and make it happen. This is the philosophy of BC&P International’s managing director and self-made entrepreneur, Gustavo Rodriguez. We discuss why greeting the day with a positive attitude and a hearty hello is so significant when seizing the day as a businessman and go-getter.

Science proves that getting up with the sunrise is what we as humans are designed to do. Rising at noon because you don’t have to be at an office is actually not impressive. You don’t have to start working early if it doesn’t suit you, but your days feel much easier when you rise earlier and you have more hours in the day. Self-made entrepreneur Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International admits ”by starting the day slightly earlier than most will allow you time to yourself before the insanity of building your empire begins. Morning time is so significant to ensuring you squeeze the most out of every day, it’s a great time to exercise or move your body, power up with healthy eats, and get your mind right” he says.

How you prepare for each day counts towards your final reward. If you were running for prime minister, would you jump right into election day, without any campaigning, with sweatpants on, having slept in until 1 p.m.? Nope. Get up, get prepared and get after it. Marketing gurus at BC&P International are influenced by their managing director Gustavo Rodriguez to greet every morning with a wide smile and a hearty hello, focusing on the opportunities you are faced with how you are going to go about attacking them. We can train ourselves to routinely wake up earlier than we need to, not to tire ourselves, but to be prepared and spend some time in the morning doing what we want to do, i.e. read an article, make a healthy breakfast or work out and not rushing out of the door and heading straight into the office. Doing this can make you resent the mornings, as you can begin to feel like you do not run your own life and your not in control of your daily graft. By changing and adjusting to these simple routines, you can totally change that glum and morning mindset and you will take back the start to your day and begin with a much more positive and go-getting attitude, which we at BC&P International know to be a winning discipline.

BC&P International Review How Your Personality Can Determine Your Ideal Career

Everyone has their own unique personality, whether they’re a college student, an employee, or an entrepreneur running their own business. The world of business is full of people with different characteristics, but is there one particular characteristic that makes people more predisposed to be a success in a particular field? An infographic in Entrepreneur magazine showed how you can find your ideal career by looking at your personality type. Here, BC&P International take a look at the infographic and consider how useful it can be.

“Everyone, at one time or another, longs to find their perfect job, and this fascinating infographic can really help”, said Gustavo Rodriguez, director of BC&P International. “Based upon the choices it contains, I found that I was classified as a ‘driven director’. That’s a great result, but it confirms what I knew – that I’m already in my ideal job. It’s why I love my work so much, and why we as a company continue to deliver great results for our clients.”

The infographic is based upon a well-known system of psychological classification that can be used to determine which particular character type a person is. It starts with four dimensions, each of which contains two choices. The reader picks which trait best describes them from the following choices: extroverts/introverts; sensors/intuitive; thinkers/feelers; judgers/perceivers. These four dimensions, therefore, give sixteen possible combinations which reflect what type of personality the person giving the answer has.


The infographic groups these sixteen combinations into four groups. These are pragmatists, caretakers, theorists, and empathises. Pragmatists are best suited to jobs that reward logic such as accountants, sales managers, and mechanics. Caretakers like practical things that help people, and they make ideal doctors or technicians. Empaths are suited to creative or nourishing careers such as an author or teacher. It’s the theorist category that is ideally suited to entrepreneurs.


“I’ve asked my friends to try this test, and without exception, they’ve been amazed at how accurate the results have been”, said Gustavo Rodriguez. “That’s why I urge people who are ‘theorists’ to make the most of their skills and abilities. By becoming an entrepreneur they can have a career where they’ll excel, as well as be in a job they love.”

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BC&P International Look at the Entrepreneurial Generation Z

Each generation tries to forge their own identity. Generation X, baby boomers, Generation Y; they’ve all done things differently to their predecessors and shaped the world in their own image. Now it’s the turn of the Millennials, also known as Generation Z. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine looked at how they were likely to become the most entrepreneurial generation of them all. Here, BC&P International review the article and consider how the new generation can transform the world of business.

“The world that Generation Z is growing up in, is very different to that of their parents”, said the manager of BC&P International. “Technological advances are changing the world on a day by day basis, so it’s no surprise that new entrepreneurs are wanting to make their own changes to society and business as well.”


The article looks at the findings of business leader and marketeer Dan Schawbel. In his opinion, the generation which includes people born after 1994 is going to become the most ambitious and entrepreneurial of them all. One reason for this is that it’s the internet generation and one that’s more tech aware than those who came before them. They understand not only how technology works, but the potential that it brings. A new study asked over 4,500 American students about their future plans. 64% of college students and 72% of high school students said they wanted to run their own business one day.

One reason why they’re more likely to become entrepreneurs than Generation Y is that it’s easier now. The internet has made a huge number of resources available. Young people can teach themselves the skills they need to be an entrepreneur online, quickly and cheaply. They also have access to business mentors online, who can give them essential help and advice. They are seeing, through social media platforms, the riches that being an entrepreneur can bring, and they want to be a part of it.


“Students today work harder than any generation before them, they’re driven and focused”, said the BC&P International manager. “More numbers than ever before are determined to become entrepreneurs, and I’ve little doubt that many of them will succeed in realizing their dream. This is fantastic news for the economy, as it thrives on entrepreneurialism and innovation.”

Innovation is one of the keys to the rapid success that BC&P International have enjoyed. Their bespoke marketing campaigns help businesses acquire new customers, and achieve growth and real returns on investment.