BC&P International Discusses “4 Ways to Actively Reprogram Your Thoughts”

According to Success Magazine, “4 Ways to Actively Reprogram Your Thoughts” by Michael Pietrzak, there are many ways to help your mindset towards your goals. Pietrzak writes, “Throughout our lives, we have unwittingly used this technique to program negative emotions, but we can do the same for patience, love, passion, and joy. How many of you know something intellectually but fail to apply that wisdom? You know jealousy will push your partner away, but you get angry when they talk to the opposite sex for too long, anyway. Thankfully there is a simple fix. “Your subconscious mind works more through feeling than language,” Gibson says. By leveraging strong emotion, we create a direct line to the operating instructions of your subconscious. Think about a time you were incredibly angry or hurt and changed a belief that you now hold? In my case, when I lost a business deal, I used my anger to replace an attachment to one specific version of success.”

One of the strategies the article mentions is a positive affirmation. “Positive affirmations have been known to be a valuable asset in understanding yourself and giving yourself confidence. It’s very effective because you hold power on how you see things and situations,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. If you affirm that you are a positive person and confident individual, then make sure your actions are leading up to that. Pietrzak says, “The idea here, upheld by the science of neuroplasticity, is that our brains are more susceptible to reprogramming under conditions of heightened emotion.”

“Training your mind should be a lifestyle. It is okay to take time to understand these thoughts and meditate if it helps your organize. Due to this negative thoughts can be turned into positive ones and newer strategies can form,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. At BC&P International, we believe in the ability to train thoughts into positivity. By practicing simple and effective methods, anything is possible.

BC&P International Shares The Value of Being Perceptive

One of the most valuable and essential traits a human being can have is the one of being perceptive. What is perception? It’s the way in which someone perceives things that happen around us, to us or someone else. How you act in the moment and manner of situations. “Perception to us is a valuable aspect in someone. When we look for someone to add to our crew and firm, we make sure to ask about scenarios that show good characteristics and perception. Being someone that has perception shows that you can see situations differently and it’s not negative,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. Perception combats a lot of other factors; it reduces laziness, it makes one selfless and strong in anything they go forward with.

At BC&P International, we understand that perception is important because we do things because we know we’re capable of giving our 110%. We don’t do something just for the heck of it, to be cool, or for attention. All of our strategies and tools are there because they work. Our clients value our perception which is why we have a vast variety and valuable relationship with them. Perception is also doing things without being asked. Many times certain individuals will be working and be finished with a task, rather than doing more, they will not do anything. That’s not the case at BC&P International, all of our crew members are up to par in understanding that they want to do things to reach their own goals and potential.

Many people talk about factors such as confidence, hard work and diligence is the most prominent factors towards success and reaching goals. While these are equally important, without perception, these will not go far with you. Having perception enables these characteristics of confidence and strength. It’s a firm characteristic that turns you into something with meaning and value when you’re in the professional industry. Since 2018 is just around the corner, our advice to our readers and audience would be to try being perceptive and notice that it will do wonders for your future.

BC&P International Shares 3 Qualities of the Best Leaders

“Everyone wants to be a type of leader that’s one of the greatest for their mentorship and personality. Not many individuals are the greatest leaders though, however, those that are — what leadership qualities do they possess that make them the best? AT BC&P International, we’ve made a note of 3 qualities we place importance on to be the best leader,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. One of the important aspects that make us consider quality in a leader is the fact that leadership itself is the ability to inspire those around you. You are what you attract, and if you are a great leader with your high qualities, you will attract high-quality crew members for your company also.”It has to be a reciprocal relationship, where both parties inspire each other and know the best for the company,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

These are the three qualities we find to be important in leaders:

Be Strong but not Rude

Power and leadership come with the pedestal of being a certain way towards those that work with you. That is the key; they work “with” you, not “for you.” Some people and leaders mistake rudeness towards others for their power, which is wrong. “A great leader has strength, but they are not rude about it towards others,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

Do Not Be a Bully

Leaders can boss others around, but it doesn’t mean they should. There are other methods of achieving the highest quality work from your crew members. It takes a particular type of bold attitude to help positively influence others. Anyone can tell another person to do something, especially if they are in a higher position; but it does not mean it’s effective or they should.

Arrogance is a No-No

No one wants to be a leader that is always bragging and putting their accomplishments in other people’s faces. It’s great that an individual has come this far to earn a high role, but arrogance turns into ignorance, and that’s not the best quality. Instead, learn to utilize your accomplishments subtly — those that know already respect you, and without even reminding anyone you can keep the grounds of your leadership high.

BC&P International Discusses Tips to Have an Innovative Mindset

“Being able to come up with ideas then bring them to life is a wonderful thing. No matter what field you are in, your ideas and vision matters. It’s a gift being able to envision designs and tactics in your mind than bringing them to life — it requires a special type of mindset,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. BC&P International believes in a special type of mindset. A mindset that allows us to think outside the box and be inventors for our clients and customers. “Whether you believe that our industry requires innovative mindsets or not, it does. It requires a lot of effort and understanding to develop new tactics and strategies that work, we pride ourselves on that,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


We’ve come up with a few tips that we believe will help someone acquire an innovative mindset. It’s important to understand because innovation and mindset are different things. But, together they become one and because of that they are a valuable tool towards success and accomplishing anything your mind desires. The thing to understand is, not to force inspiration. You can’t just force for something to happen and believe that it will be your next big thing. Inspiration just happens, it comes when you work your way towards your goal steadily.


Another good tip is to listen. Listen to yourself and your surrounding. “Without being able to hear what you really want to go after and how you want to do something, you are aimlessly achieving something that doesn’t exist. There are many talkers in the world, but very few listeners. Be a listener, and understand what you need to make something happen,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. We believe that innovation starts with you believing in yourself. That’s the number one thing anyone needs to achieve their dreams. When you understand that factor, you will understand the rest.

BC&P International Welcomes Media Experts

“In our day and time, everything is fast-paced, moving quickly and changing constantly. It’s important we keep up to date with everything that’s going. We welcomed Media Experts at BC&P International, and we were excited to catch up and see how they are benefiting us,” mentions Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. Media Experts, Social Media, and Content have become the most influential forms of marketing. Making it useful in a business setting can establish a stronger presence for our clients, and help us become more recognizable. Many companies get down all areas and criteria in their firm, but sometimes customer service and marketing lack. This is where media experts come in to strategically focus on what we can do together to make sure our work is being reached to the general public.


“The main purpose of getting involved with media experts on your team is because they establish a connection between audience and company. Marketing can make people feel a certain way through a brand and any type of connection. This is where social media can be helpful as well!” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. When we meet these media experts we made sure to establish different areas we want to focus on and make sure we’re reaching the goals we want each month. For us to see what’s going on it’s important to us that the face-to-face meetings are conducted. By doing this, we can convey a smooth flow of information, knowledge and skill.


At BC&P International we respect and know that media experts love different platforms to work on. To get more people’s attention, make a brand stronger, develop an always fresh, everlasting relationship with clients; these are all the different areas in which they can lend a hand. “By having media experts at our company and making sure we work together, we can establish the best service and run everything strategically as well as cleverly,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

BC&P International Shares 3 Things to Do Before You’re 30

Napoleon Hill had said, “Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” “Before we know it, our life will in front of our eyes. Everything we do makes an impact on our future and present status. We look to those that have lead the way towards greatness when it comes to continuing this journey of life and make sure that we’re steady in the same aspect,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. In the business industry, a lot of hustle, work, and rate is involved when it comes to success. It’s important because we know that we need to work hard. “However, we shouldn’t forget that we will all be old someday, we mustn’t forget to live,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


Our representatives at BC&P International made an excellent suggestion in one of our creative team conversations. They suggested that turning 30 is a huge deal and there should be a bunch of things and accomplishments you can at least start before you’re 30 to continue them later on also as life continues. “Time doesn’t wait for us, so we have to make it our friend and utilize it efficiently,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


Start a Side Thing


Starting something on the side is a very excellent and savvy idea. It could be something as simple as a small freelance creative option. “Something that interests you and you know there’s a talent for it. Something such as Photography,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


Work on your Negotiation Skills


Acquiring a way of speaking is always essential for growth. Communication and negotiation skills make or break us in the business world. By learning these skill sets, we’re able to grow and keep these as lifetime tools.




Being a lifelong learner is what sets successful individuals apart from others. Studies show that learning continually keeps our mind active and keeps you prosperous for yourself always.


BC&P International Share Why Creativity Is Important

Walt Disney once stated, “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” At BC&P International, curiosity to us means creativity. Most people associate creativity with just artists and painters. They believe that the utilization of creativity only happens for that genre of work. This is not true at all. “In fact, creativity is known to derive from a quality that can create. Innovation, technology, business, and marketing they require creativity. The use of brilliant new ideas, strategies, and mindsets in a growing world,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. At BC&P International, we know that the best version of creativity is to be the best at what you do.

“Take notice of some of the greatest individuals in our previous and current history: Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and much more; all these individuals have one common factor. They have created concepts and made them into reality for other human beings to use and get used from,” mentions Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Similarly, at BC&P International we try to use every ounce of creativity in anything that we do. We instill that mindset on our business partners and representatives. The dictionary literally defines creativity as “Ability to make or think of new ideas,” and we know that any, if not all individuals are capable of creating fantastic new things. In the business world, we need new tools, ideas and minds to come up with other new things. By using critical thinking, analysis and creativity we can do amazing things. It’s pretty certain that creativity isn’t just used in the fine arts field. We place an importance on this very much so. We use it on an everyday basis and love that individuals can bring new strategies to the field,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.

Steve Jobs once said, “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”  We agree and find that the best way to keep your creativity alive is by being a lifelong learner. Never stop questioning anything, read a lot, take new classes, learn new skills and keep yourself educated in every aspect and field. “This is what makes individuals all-rounders. It’s what makes you creative and that’s one of the intellectual qualities and tools an individual can have,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


BC&P International Shares How To Keep a Budget

Everything has gotten pricey and expensive nowadays. Individuals that work know what it’s like to spend money for necessary or leisure needs. Many times people underestimate that money can go away so quickly. “For example, your savings account might have $5,000, but if you are not careful then it will be gone quick,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. According to a recent book, we are reading, “Wealth Can’t Wait” the authors David and Paul talk about different strategies that outline the necessary tools required to build weather. Their site reads “avid Osborn and Paul Morris, two of the most famous and celebrated wealth-building minds in the game today, have mastered the art and science of sustainable wealth creation through entrepreneurship, passion, and a relentless focus on growth, success, and fulfillment. In Wealth Can’t Wait, they share their decades of knowledge, debunk the myth that building wealth is often difficult, and demonstrate how you can create horizontal income streams to enjoy more financial freedom throughout your life. Osborn and Morris’ tested and proven five-part strategy outlines what is required to build wealth—from making the initial choice to dealing with setbacks—and details how to cultivate the mindset, habits, business, and momentum to secure the greatest results. The book’s valuable tips, building blocks, and lessons from the author’s’ own experiences will inspire you to start achieving your financial ambitions today.”


“Not only is this book valuable, but it’s informative. So many of us need help in our expenses, and by following some simple strategies and rules, we can do just that,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. One aspect of discussing this topic we liked in the book was the matter of commitment. David and Paul write “commitment is a knowing that permeates your being such that it becomes a part of you. It is a willingness to do whatever it takes. It’s a way of weaving that knowing into your fiber so that it goes with you on each step you take every day. If you commit to something 100%, it’s virtually certain to happen—unless you change your mind or die. That’s how steadfast we can all be in our commitments as we walk around each day. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take days off, or procrastinate, or have moments of doubt, but our willingness to reignite our long-term vision and our commitment to our journey never wane.” At BC&P International, we value these words tremendously. Not only because they are correct, but it is also because to save money or be smart in anything, commitment is necessary.


Anything can be done once your mind is put to it. It’s important because people just assume they know how to do everything but in reality them not listening to other people’s advice gives them a loss. We wanted to discuss this topic because in today’s society everything is more expensive, so if we and anyone else can learn from this read/book and implement these strategies into their lives, it’ll be something worthwhile.

BC&P International Shares 8 Quotes for Strengthening Your Mind

At the end of the day, all you really need is a powerful mind and mentality. By having this, no one can really stand in the way your goals. “A powerful mind is one that makes decisiveness and good choices. It’s a mind that is focused on goals and genuinely of the good for others,” says Gustavo Rodriguez, managing director of BC&P International. BC&P International puts a strong focus on having an awesome mindset, positive flow and happy nature. Without this, the entrepreneurial world lacks great individuals.


“Our representatives at BC&P International were asked about their favorite quotes that inspire them. They gave us 8 of the best ones in hopes that our readers will also find motivation and inspiration!” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


“Mental toughness is spartanism with qualities of sacrifice, self-denial, dedication. It is fearlessness, and it is love.” ―Vince Lombardi

“It takes energy, mental toughness and spiritual reinforcement to successfully deal with life’s opportunities, and to reach your objectives.” ―Zig Ziglar

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” ―Thomas Jefferson

“It’s when the discomfort strikes that they realize a strong mind is the most powerful weapon of all.” ―Chrissie Wellington

“It is the business of little minds to shrink.” ―Carl Sandburg

“Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong, tell your mind that it is strong and have unbounded faith and hope in yourself.” ―Swami Vivekananda

“I honestly believe that with a strong mind, you can literally ‘will’ the ball into the hole.” ―Ray Floyd

“Strength isn’t about bearing a cross of grief or shame. Strength comes from choosing your own path, and living with the consequences.” ―Jenny Trout



BC&P International Shares 4 Ways to Overcome Fear & Breakout Your Comfort Zone

Overtime all of us get stuck in a routine. We find that place that makes us safe and we are afraid to venture out and see how far we can go. “Fear is natural, that’s understandable. It’s also an essential part of growth. Each time we get out of our comfort zone, we make our experiences more varied,” says Gustavo Rodriguez managing director of BC&P International. Our representatives at BC&P International were asked about different ways that they use to combat fear and be courageous. They gave us 4 top ways to overcome fear and go out their comfort zone:


Try Something New


“We’re so caught up in the idea of comfort, that we forget to try new things and broaden our horizon. We forget to try a new food, take a different route to work, or try a new activity. These are all part of growth and make us stronger individuals,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International. Try a new thing until it becomes comfortable, then move forward to trying another new thing and so on.


Switch Up Your Routine


Routines are the pinnacle of comfort. We’re used to our everyday life — that’s a routine. When you move beyond that and change it up, that’s when you learn what you’re capable of.


Ask The Hard Questions


Address concerns and complaints in the workplace professionally. “Not only will it make you look professional but addressing this makes you aware and mature enough to handle situations such as this. It pushes you to see beyond what’s in front of you,” says Gustavo Rodriguez of BC&P International.


Keep a List Goals


As soon as you know what you want, make a list of it. Cross it off one by one. It’ll help you live to the fullest, as well as accomplish things beyond your comfort zone.


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