Outsource to Experts

The quality

Outsource to Experts

The quality of our portfolio is increasing every single month here at BC&P International. The reason being is because the demand for the service that we provide is also increasing. We specialize in bringing in new quality business for our national clients, and more and more businesses now, small and large are looking to outsource their sales, as well as promotions to specialist companies like BC&P. We only charge for the results, and for our clients, this is perfect in the knowledge that for BC&P to progress their own business, we have to make it out goal to increase the quality and quantity of their market share. Also, through implementing our transferable marketing systems, our clients can have the assurance of proven results instantly through working with us.


What Makes Us Different

One of the fundamental keys behind our success is our proven systematic marketing model. But we believe the major reason why more and more clients are looking to work with us, is down to the calibre of people that we train and work with every single day. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that the people working alongside BC&P aren’t just here to generate sales, they are here to progress into positions that will allow them to learn the skill sets required to run multiple offices in multiple cities. Our hunger to deliver is fuelled by the opportunity to take our clients goals to a whole new level; and as a bi-product, BC&P get the opportunity to expand and help driven entrepreneurs grow their own business. We are proud to be a part of a process where everyone wins.

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